Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Apparently WE are not the best at keeping a current blog

So its been over a year since our last blog, and I sit hear reading the blogs of our past experiences as I watch the winter olympics. First, all my respect goes to these athletes, they work and train so hard to accomplish what they have set for goals, and in one defining moment it either comes together or it does not.

Being in a band certainly has its parallels, but it is also much different. Three years ago we certainly had our challenges. Now as we progress and grow I can't imagine preparing for some make or break moment every 4th year. You never know when the mountain tops and valleys will come, when the wave of acceptance will wash your way, or you will be left standing seemingly irrelevant.

That being said, this is a good week. Not only do I love the winter olympics, but I love opportunity to progress as a band, try new things and meet new people. Late last week many of you had a chance to read the sparkling review we received over at the Dream Row Entertainment blog and if you haven't read it yet I encourage you to head over and not only check out our review, but some of the music industry related blogs that have been posted as well. Already, we have had the opportunity to correspond with new people from that experience.

Also, this week we are excited to have met with Veronica Beavers, an art student in her final semesters that will be producing a music video for our song "Go Home". We are excited by her vision and talent for the song, as well as enthusiasm.

So as I watch the medal ceremony on the olympics for skiing, I can't ever picture winning a medal for a defining moment, in my career....but instead relish the many small moments that bring new opportunities and wonderful personalities into our lives.

Hopefully we will blog more in the coming year......but for now,


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