Monday, February 28, 2011

HOUSE Party!!! 8 Steps to a Rockin' Good Time

Okay, so we have pretty much had to face the fact that our economy here in the U.S. is hurting. Even if, as the experts say, it is on the mend; we are all feeling the effects. That being said, we humans are social beings and we really want to have a good time whether our bank accounts trend in the “good time” arena or more toward the “just squeaking by” category. Now the problem clearly stated…. WANTED- good time with friends, but don’t have much moolah. Solution: A HOUSE PARTY! This is a relatively new idea that is sweeping the nation, due in part, to the above stated issue we all face. The idea behind the house party is this. You (the house party host) invite a band or other live entertainment into your home for the evening in exchange for a reasonable amount of cash. You also invite let’s say 10-20 of your friends. These friends are instructed to each bring some food (you can do finger foods, a full on meal, or just dessert and coffee) and a small cover charge ($5.00-$10.00 each should do it) to cover that aforementioned “reasonable amount of cash”.

Soon, your invited entertainment arrives, your guests arrive, everyone enjoys some music or comedy or whatever you got for about 45 mins to an hour. Then, you break out the food. Everyone has a chance to eat, mix and mingle, and get to know your invited artist. Then another set of entertainment and you wind down the evening. Everyone wins! You just threw a SLAMMIN’ party, your guests just got to eat, visit, and enjoy live entertainment in an intimate setting for less than the price of ONE movie ticket, and the artist made some new fans and contacts, snacked on some tasty cuisine, and made a little money to help in the pursuit of their passion.

Here are some tips for setting up your own house party.

1) Don’t be afraid to have a band over to your house because you think it will be too loud- most bands now days have a scaled back coffee house version of their electric show (Sugar Lime Blue does)

2) If you do want to have a full band (with drums/etc) over be sure to invite the neighbors so you don’t have anyone to complain about any noise that does bleed over. Know your local noise ordinance, if applicable, and share this information with the band. (If your HOA wants quiet by 10PM make sure the party is wrapping up by then)

3) If you don’t have enough chairs, ask the guests to bring some of their own, camp chairs work great, or maybe bring some of those gigantic floor pillows.

4) If you choose to have your party outside, have a back up plan for inclement weather. And be sure to have access to whatever power that the performer may need.

5) Have open and clear communication with the performer. Find out what their needs and preferences are and make yours known to them.

6) Have a beginning and an end. Even if your friends want to hang out after the party, there must be a set “release” time for your artist. (They may have a long drive, an early day at the office the next day, or child care issues)

7) For a little twist, consider a theme for your party, or costumes.

8) Have a good time, it’s a party after all!

So, as you plan for your house party please keep Sugar Lime Blue in mind, we would love the chance to meet with you and your friends!

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  1. When I was a kid we used to go to Block Parties - where whole neighborhoods would throw a shindig, usualy around a holiday or extended weekend. One of the neighbors would set up a stage (or perhaps an open garage) where the band (or bands) would play with room on the driveway for dancing. The street would be blocked off where everything was happening so that cars were not driving through (endangering kids or tipsy people). Everybody brought food and money was contributed towards Kegs and Entertainment (Music). This was especialy popular on 4th of July - the bands would play in the day and early evening, then firworks after the sun went down. This allowed for a fairly quite evening with festivities not running too late. Real good times.