Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sucker for Marketing

Anyone who knows me, has heard me say “I am a sucker for marketing.”. I can’t help it, so I don’t try to. I like it when something calls to me from across the store. I like clean packaging, colorful print, or beautiful artwork on what I purchase. For instance, (and no, they are not sponsors though maybe I should look into it) Publix store brand has very clean packaging. There is a white label with words, telling you what is in the can or box and a small picture of the product for us visual folks. I like the look of it in my pantry. On the other hand, Celestial seasoning’s newer line of green teas all have this beautiful artwork on them that makes me want to keep the box even when I am finished with the tea. I don’t care for big stamps across the front of things that say things like “33% less sodium than the leading brand” or “New look, same great taste.”. Pretty or clean, those are the things that catch my eye. I also don’t care for things with a ton of tiny words that are hard to read, especially in the ingredients. Really, the less ingredients, the better. Not just for healthy eating purposes, but for reading material. I like interestingly shaped containers as well. Like the orange juice that comes in the cool plastic containers that look like the old glass containers my grandmother uses (I only get the ones that can be recycled). I also love spice jars, though I seldom purchase them. Why? 1) You only need so much oregano 2) I like to grow my own oregano 3) They are costly. When I do get them, I’ll get a pretty bottle IF I have a good coupon. Coupons… well that is a topic for another blog. Anyway, I would like to thank the people who package the things that I like the way that I like, you do good work…. I like it.

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